Ferranti Technologies recently sent a group of employees from different business areas to visit RAF Coningsby. The trip was not only to give employees the opportunity to experience the Royal Air Force and a typical working day at RAF Coningsby but also to appreciate the impact that the products they help to manufacture and supply for the Typhoon Force, have on operations on a daily basis.

Ferranti Technologies is responsible for manufacturing several pieces of equipment that are used on the Typhoon aircraft.

The Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU) provides Direct Current (DC) power to the aircraft taken from the Aircraft Alternating Current (AC) power supply. There are two fitted to every Typhoon and Ferranti have supplied close to 1000 TRUs for the Typhoon programme.

The DC750 is a DC-DC Converter and one unit is fitted to every Typhoon. The DC-DC converter has a very wide input voltage range which ensures that the 28 Volt DC power to the mission computers is maintained during engine start up where the input voltage can drop as low as 9 Volt DC.

Ferranti Technologies have been manufacturing the Throttle Box Controller since 2006 with more than 1200 units delivered, there are up to 4 units fitted on each aircraft.

Chief Engineer, Mark Stanley said;

“We are very proud of the support Ferranti Technologies gives to the UK Armed Services and particularly, to the Typhoon Force. It has been great to take this opportunity to bring some of our personnel to visit RAF Coningsby, for them to see the aircraft and the operational effect of the equipment we manufacture, as part of the engineering support we provide.”

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