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Land Force Training

Ferranti Technologies' land training systems are geared for the full spectrum of needs, from personal training to entire battle groups. The systems realism and overall effectiveness have enhanced the operational performance of forces worldwide.

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Land Force Training

Ferranti Technologies offers a suite of live, virtual and constructive training systems that enable individuals and groups of individuals (crew to battle group) to gain and demonstrate competence in their role and within a team.  This includes a wide variety of simulator systems including CT1 to CT3 Training Centres, Driver Simulators and Special to Arms Trainers.

  • CT1 to CT3 Training Centres – comprising networked high-fidelity vehicle mockups and/or focused-fidelity computer stations (in any combination), together with sophisticated Computer Generated Forces and in a fully integrated military setting, to provide a highly realistic simulated battlefield environment within which typical mission scenarios can be exercised to hone the skills of individuals, crews and commanders
  • Driver Simulators – mounted on motion platforms, our Armoured Fighting Vehicle and Trick driving simulators allow drivers to manoeuvre vehicles across any terrain, in any weather or light conditions and within a broad range of contemporary combat and non-combat scenarios.
  • Special to Arms Trainers – including systems for infantry, Armoured Fighting Vehicle crews, Joint Fires etc.

Our training systems are supplied with sophisticated Instructor Operating Stations that enable the in-depth planning and execution of training events and provide for effective After Action Reviews and debriefing.

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