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Ferranti Technologies supplies a range of display technologies for both fixed & rotary wing aircraft. We have solutions for combat, transport and training aircraft and for both the military and commercial markets.  

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  • Wide Area Displays
  • Multi Functional Displays
  • Helmet Mounted Displays

Wide Area Displays

Our newest Panoramic High Definition Airborne display – integrates high performance flight and mission data into a single unit, wider and slimmer than ever before.

Lightweight and low power consumption, our next generation of wide area displays are driven by various external HD video sources.

Upgraded options to smart…

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Multi Functional Displays

Our multi-functional displays include features such as; Primary Flight Display, Navigation Display, Engine Indicating and Crew Alert System, Digital Map, Synthetic Vision System, Flight Management System and Electronic Flight Bag.

Ferranti Technologies offers slim, lightweight, low power consuming, primary flight and mission displays intended to reduce pilot workload,…

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Helmet Mounted Displays

It takes vital seconds for the human brain/eye to change focus and interpret information, causing a momentary loss of situational awareness during high workload situations. Displaying critical flight information directly to the eye, allows aircrew to adopt a ‘heads-out’ concept, thereby helping to reduce pilots’ workload, improve crew…

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