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Who We Are

Ferranti Technologies is an electronic engineering and manufacturing company, specialising in supplying the aerospace & defence industry with a wide range of advanced technology for Air, Land & Marine applications.

  • Business Structure
  • Accreditations
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Mission & Values

Business Structure

Ferranti Technologies products are designed for use in a variety of high reliability applications; the company provides them to customers through the following business units:

Power & Control

The Power & Control business unit serves to provide bespoke engineered products for the military & commercial aerospace, land & naval defence markets and other industrial markets which require safety critical products used in arduous environments.  Specialists in the design, electronic engineering & manufacturing of power conversion, control, distribution & storage, our team of engineers are highly skilled in converting specific customer requirements into fully qualified operational units.

Avionic & Mission Systems

The Avionic & Mission Systems business unit serves the military & commercial aerospace, land & maritime defence markets providing mission critical products designed to enhance mission efficiency, safety and situational awareness.  With a wide range of products in the portfolio, the team can provide an off the shelf solution, or modify and develop a new solution to suit your specific needs.  We invest significantly in the Research and Development that underpins our products and our R&D teams are made up of ex-military personnel with first hand experience of the demands placed upon our customers. This presents a significant advantage and ensures that our solutions are the most advanced and technically compliant available on the market.

Manufacturing & Support Services

With in house manufacturing & support capabilities, our Power & Control and Avionic & Mission Systems business units are able to provide cost effective, ‘cradle-to-grave’ solutions to their customers.


Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement underpins everything we do at Ferranti Technologies.

We have a world class manufacturing facility, investing heavily in both equipment and in our people and, most importantly, in ensuring conformity to relevant industry accreditations.

As a leading supplier into the Aerospace & Defence industry for over 50 years, Ferranti Technologies more than understands the importance of quality driven manufacturing and have, over the years, achieved various quality standards including:

  • AS9100
  • AS9110
  • DAOS
  • EASA Part 21G
  • EASA Part 145
  • FAA CFR 145
  • CAAC 145
  • ISO 14001
  • Nadcap AC7120

*certificates available on request

Corporate Responsibility

Conducting our business honestly, ethically and properly is critical to the continued success and growth of Ferranti Technologies and to ensuring that we maintain our good reputation and conduct our business activities in a compliant manner.

The company’s Code of Conduct, Anti Bribery and Ethics Policy documents summarise our approach with respect to ethical business conduct. If you would like to request a copy, please click here.

In addition to this formalised approach to corporate responsibility, the management team are committed to continuous development of relationships with the local community and especially its own employees and customers. To this end, the ‘Engage’ committee was formed at Ferranti Technologies to undertake activities of particular importance in this area.

Activities such as:

  • Charity events and fundraisers in support of national & local charities
  • Volunteer projects with local groups
  • Supporting local business initiatives promoting apprenticeships available with the company
  • Supporting local schools and colleges in promoting STEM subjects and Engineering

Additionally, our dedicated Health, Safety and Environmental Committee are tasked with ensuring respect for the local environment and implementation of our Environmental Management System Policy which is also available on request.

Our door is always open to further initiatives from local charities and organisations, so contact us to see if we can help.


Ferranti Technologies is committed to maintaining it’s reputation as a long standing, credible manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronic technology. We strive to provide customers with a single source, quality driven supply of safety critical products, supported through-out their entire lifecycle. We are passionate about developing a long and lasting relationship with our customers and suppliers to achieve seamless & timely delivery of products and services.

Our customers will enjoy an effective working relationship that will provide them with the peace of mind that both they and their customers will remain fully satisfied through-out the project implementation process and beyond.

We will continue to forge ahead in markets where our core competencies lie and endeavour to remain flexible enough to balance that with new and emerging markets. We will maintain and enhance our accreditations through active continuous improvement strategies and utilising the advances in modern technology we will continue to match our product portfolio with the needs of the UK aerospace and defence industry.

Above all the team at Ferranti will remain true to their values and culture, providing unparalleled levels of customer service by forging friendships with our partners in a way that engenders loyalty and retention. We do this by managing the effective contribution of each and every employee in the business and ensure that they feel empowered and nurtured through ongoing engagement.


  • Accountability – we understand our role and responsibility
  • Excellence – we build quality into all we do and eliminate problems at the root
  • Drive – we work together to achieve common goals and solve problems
  • Communicate – we allow people to be heard and listen more than we talk
  • Flexibility – we work across boundaries and help wherever is needed
  • Commitment – we do what we say by when we said we would
  • Respect – we listen to opinions of others and build trust
  • Integrity – we live the values


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