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Training & Simulation

Modern naval combat requires a high level of expertise in all modes of litorral and maritime warfare.

Ferranti Technologies can provide embedded & tactical naval training systems which aim to maximise the cost effectiveness of naval training by providing high fidelity simulation of virtual sea-borne and air-borne platforms.

Live Embedded Training & Simulation

Using our Naval Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation, Ferranti Technologies is able to provide a solution for naval warfare exercises both at sea and ashore. NCMI interfaces with various combat systems providing realistic input to C4I, Radar, EW, Sonar, weapon systems and more. It interfaces with other training systems, providing a complete warfare simulation.

Naval Training Centre

Using high-fidelity simulation software, the NTC offers a full-scale turn-key training solution comprised of three major components: a naval tactical trainer, a navigation simulator and a close-range weapons trainer.

The NTC allows for standalone training at each of the individual modules as well as combined and large scale exercises.