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Soldier Systems

Our world-leading Soldier System provides an integrated infantry combat system for dismounted operations from battalion level down to the individual soldier. The system delivers full situational awareness, dramatically shortens the sensor-to-shooter loop and enhances the combat effectiveness of the dismounted soldier.

The components of this modular system include:

  • A range of soldier radios in the uhf and vhf bands
  • Personal Digital Unit – a compact and lightweight rugged tactical computer giving the dismounted soldier powerful data processing and storage with embedded GPS and interfaces to all peripheral elements
  • Displays to suit all combat roles including an 8” planning display, a 4.3” tactical display and the soldier eyepiece display
  • Energy Distribution Box – a smart power distribution unit providing “hot-swap” power from 3 sources on the soldier as well as an intelligent link to a vehicle interface unit to provide automatic data updates and battery charging direct from the vehicle’s systems when mounted
  • Soldier Navigation Systems (S-Nav) – providing navigation and position reporting even when operating in GPS-denied areas
  • A range of integrated ISTAR capabilities including Thermal Imagers, Micro Unmanned Air Vehicles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles