Military power supplies and distribution for Land Defence

Power & Control Systems

Our Power & Control products are built to order ensuring ensuring full compatibility with your requirements, in addition, our comprehensive maintenance and customer support services ensure product functionality through-out its lifetime.

Ferranti Technologies’ power and control capabilities for land based systems include:

  • Control Systems
  • Power Distribution
  • Complex Power Supplies

Control Systems

Hydraulic Control Units
Designed for use in heavy military engineering platforms and powered from a standard 28V DC vehicle supply, these HCUs contain multiple cards (microprocessor, digital & analogue I/O, PSU and filter and reversionary PLD).

Engine & Transmission Control System
Designed for upgraded Armoured Fighting Vehicles and comprising 4 units (engine junction box, warning light box, electronic control unit, engine temperature sensors), these systems interface the new engine and automatic transmission to the existing vehicle control/instrumentation and electrical system.

Power Distribution Systems
Ferranti Technologies has successfully designed and manufactured a System Power Distribution Unit to integrate a military Bridge Layer System onto an existing Main Battle Tank Chassis.

This system provides additional logic control and the distribution of 28V DC vehicle supply to bridge laying hydraulic system.

Total power capacity is 2.25kW.

Complex Power Supplies
Designed for use in harsh environments, these specialist complex power supplies are for safety-critical uses such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) equipments.

  • Power & Control for Military & Commercial Aviation
  • Land DisplaysPower & control for Land applications
  • type 42 destroyerPower & control for Naval applications