ISTAR Systems - Ferranti Technologies
Advanced Surveillance for Force Protection

ISTAR Systems

Ferranti Technologies’ ISTAR capabilities cover a wide range of technologies from Unmanned Air Vehicles and Laser Gated Imaging Devices down to man-portable radars and Electro-optic sensors.

Many of our systems can be mounted on Fixed Wing, Rotary wing or Unmanned aircraft whilst the Land domain is supported by systems designed for a range of vehicle-mounted or ground-standing systems.

Ferranti Technologies has access to a wide range of Land ISTAR products and capabilities including:

Electro Optic Surveillance devices 

  • Cooled and un-cooled devices for short, medium and long-range applications
  • Weapon mounted – including a cooled long-range sniper scope
  • Vehicle mounted – including Driver Enhanced Viewers, mast-mounted surveillance devices and 360° Local Situational Awareness Systems


Our radars include vehicle mounted surveillance radars and small remotely placed radars for local force protection.

Many of these systems can be integrated into our soldier systems and battle management systems.