Defensive Aids Systems - Ferranti Technologies

Defensive Aids Systems

Combat proven soft-kill protection suite for fighting vehicles

Laser Warning & Threat Detection System
Detects, categorizes and pinpoints laser sources such as rangefinders, designators, beam riders, infrared illuminators and trainers.

Multi Threat Detection System
Detects, categorizes and pinpoints radar/RF sources.

Vehicle Infrared Counter Measure System
Low profile, low signature system which provides simultaneous protection against multiple semi-automatic command in line-of-sight (SACLOS) guided missiles.

Multi-Spectral Smoke System
Provides 360 – degree coverage, causes a loss of target information for the attacker with immediate interruption of line-of-sight in the visual and infrared spectrum.

The smoke grenades are automatically directed and launches, independently of the turret. The system creates an optimal smoke screen allowing the crew to take evasive action or mount a counter-attack.

Threat Management System
High-performance tactical computing unit and display that accurately provides direction, source and type of threat with audio and visual warnings. Supports three operational modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

All these components are adaptable to a wide variety of vehicles and requirements and can be integrated with a full array of countermeasures including infrared and laser jamming systems, smoke grenades and decoys.