360 Situational Awareness - Ferranti Technologies

360 Situational Awareness

360 degree situational awareness and comprehensive protection against all types of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs)

Maximum protection against ATGMs
Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) pose a significant threat to all fighting vehicles. Lethal, portable and effective over long ranges, ATGMs have powerful warheads that can penetrate thick, steel armour.

Ferranti Technologies’ ESP solution protects armoured fighting vehicles and main battle tanks against all ATGMs.

Housed in a single integrated unit, ESP is comprised of a broad range of sensors, warning systems and countermeasures. Supporting effective evasive action and strike-back, ESP immediately alerts personnel to all incoming threats.

360 degree situational awareness
ESP enables users to gain 360 degree, real-time observation under closed hatches day or night. ESP can be fully integrated with the company’s extensive range of complimentary battle management and fire control systems. The suite is fully customisable and adaptable to a wide array of fighting vehicles.

ESP’s unique single-point installation and minimal maintenance requirements make it both easy to use and extremely cost effective.