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Force Protection Systems

Ferranti Technologies’ range of Force Protection products provide defence against threats for soldiers operating in both mounted and dismounted roles. Protection is provided from threats as diverse as Laser Beam Riding ATGWs and CBRN attacks through to the environmental challenges faced when operating in harsh environments where extremes of temperature can have a major impact on the safety and combat effectiveness of troops.

Our vehicle–<b>mounted Force Protection systems</b> are designed to be fitted as part of an upgrade or enhancement programme – or to be incorporated at the initial design phase of a new vehicle programme. Our Laser and RF Warning Systems can be integrated to on-board Battle Management Systems to provide manual, semi-automatic or fully autonomous responses using decoys, obscurants or return fire.

For dismounted operations Force Protection is supported through a range of unattended ground sensors operating in seismic, audio, video or radar modes. These sensors are managed through a user-friendly management station to ensure rapid alerts of potential enemy activity.