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Communication & Information

Ferranti Technologies supplies command, control, communication, computers and intelligence (C4I) systems, delivering mission-critical information & situational awareness to all levels of command.

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All-in-one C2 system
Covers all army branches and echelons, enabling universal situational awareness as well as in-depth collaborative mission planning and management based on real-time information, and an always-updated common operational picture. TORC2H is the only C4I solution to be fully deployed and operational in a major military organisation.


Tactical Intranet Geographic dissEmination in Real-Time
This powerful information grid delivers relevant data instantly, with optimum message transfer flow and guaranteed delivery. This state-of-the-art tactical communication system is based on the company’s in-depth knowledge of real battlefield conditions. Harnessing the entire infrastructure and integrating all communication media including legacy narrow-band channels, TIGER creates an end-to-end, unified, flexible, and continuously learning intranet.

Tactical Multimedia Routing
A military grade, triple play, IP routing solution-designed for armoured command vehicles, deployed and mobile command posts.