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Battle Management Systems


Advanced Networked Battle Management
WIN BMS is an essential add-on to virtually any combat vehicle mounted sensor or weapon system forming coordinated battle teams that perform their tasks with optimum precision.
WIN BMS supports every requirement of battalion and below tactical units, meeting all their operational needs, including direct fire engagement and manoeuvre, indirect fire support, intelligence and logistics.

  • Field proven
  • Enhances battalion, company and platoon command and control
  • Enhances tactical perception and navigation
  • Improves communication and coordination between commanders and crewmen
  • Easy to learn, use and maintain
  • Diminishes possibility of friendly-fire incidents

Fire control and command solutions for artillery and air defence
Combat-NG elevates artillery from a supporting role into a powerful force in its own right. With vastly improved command and control capabilities, Combat-NG improves the artillery forces’ ability to destroy and degrade enemy targets.

  • Quick target engagement
  • Effective and accurate fire
  • Increased survivability
  • Accurate situational awareness
  • Enhanced coordination with manoeuvring forces