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Training & Simulation

Ferranti Technologies offers advanced simulation technology for emergency services training.

Benefits of simulated training:

  • Improves coordination of rescue teams and life-saving forces
  • Improves the readiness of emergency teams to deal with scenarios such as public order, terrorism, accidents, hazardous materials, attacks on strategic infrastructure, natural disasters, large scale sports events and many other
  • Provides comprehensive training for C3, crisis management and inter-agency coordination

Key System Features

  • Realistic simulation of complex emergency events
  • Capable of simulating a variety of scenarios and concurrent events
  • Based on accurate simulative models and realistic representations of the complex urban arena
  • Chemical and hazardous materials models – dispersion, casualties, detection and decontamination
  • Damage models – accurately modeling different degrees of casualties and damaged infrastructure
  • Modeling of multiple response forces and crowd behaviour
  • Synchronized record and replay facility
  • Automatic events marking
  • Debriefing & reporting

Technical Information is available on request; Contact Us for further information.