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Training Centres

Mission Training Centre

The Mission Training Centre (MTC) is a networked multi-cockpit, mission-oriented training centre which supports various aircraft types. The Centre provides realistic simulated aircraft training using a variety of aircraft systems and mission scenarios to enhance the operational and tactics training of pilots at all levels.

A world leader in field-proven training and simulation solutions, we developed the MTC in order to present aircrews with high-fidelity, simulator-based training while saving live flying hours.

The MTC houses a complex interconnected system designed to provide pilots with the tools to practice modern air combat using sophisticated computer-generated forces (CGF) in a fully integrated military setting.

KingAir B200 Training Centre

The King Air B200 Training Centre is a comprehensive solution for experienced and trainee King Air B200 pilots. The Training Centre includes the King Air B200 Full Flight Simulator (FFS), and an advanced, cutting edge ground school.

The FFS is Level D qualified by Transport Canada (Canadian Aviation Authority), and includes a highly sophisticated “Six Degrees Of Freedom” motion system, hi-fidelity cockpit and avionics systems and advanced visual system. The FFS is a total training solution for B200 pilots, from takeoff, through all normal and emergency procedures, and instruments and visual landing approaches. The flight and ground school instructors are veteran pilots, all of whom are King Air B200 Captains, with thousands of flight hours.

Macedonian Helicopter Training Centre

Our parent company has been awarded a contract for the establishment of a Helicopter Pilot Training Centre for Macedonia’s Defence and Security Forces. The project will be operated under a PFI (Private Financing Initiative) concept, in which we will provide a comprehensive solution, including the setting up of the training centre, acquisition of aircraft, supply of full mission simulators and operation of the centre for a period of 8 years. The Pilot Training Centre will prepare and qualify new pilots for the Macedonian Defence and Security forces, as well as provide training of active pilots.