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Embedded Virtual Avionics

Embedded Virtual Avionics 

Training for the operation of advanced avionics, sensors and weapons (radar, EW systems and guided weapons), has traditionally only been possible on advanced fighter aircraft.

Ferranti Technologies’ EVA system revolutionises pilot training by enabling advanced mission operations on a trainer aircraft, significantly increasing training effectiveness and dramatically reducing costs.

Packaged on a fully qualified airborne card, the EVA system is designed to fit into most standard mission computers with minimal integration effort and with no changes to the aircraft.

Embedded Training for Trainer Aircraft

  • Transforms basic/advanced trainer aircraft into 5th Generation virtual fighter aircraft
  • Equips trainer aircraft with the most advanced avionics and tactical training systems
  • High fidelity training for operation of cutting-edge avionics, sensors and weapons
  • Minimal integration effort – packaged as a fully qualified airborne Line Replacement Unit
  • Integrated with UK TARGO™ helmet mounted avionics
  • Significant increase in training effectiveness and reduction in hourly training costs