Electronic Warfare Simulation - Ferranti Technologies
Maximising Operational Readiness

Electronic Warfare Simulation

Ferranti Technologies offers an ‘In-flight Electronic Warfare Simulator’ (IFEWS) which enables today’s fighting forces to cost effectively maximise their operational readiness, while supporting diverse battlefield requirements. Offering complete training versatility, IFEWS simulates legacy and new threat scenarios including laser, IR/EO guided threats as well as RF guided missiles.

Fighter Aircraft

  • Simulates real aircraft sensors (RADAR, EW suite etc.) providing a hybrid real and virtual environment
  • Manages complete virtual scenarios comprised of user-defined air, land and naval Computer Generated Forces
  • Reduced need for “Red Air” opponents
  • Records the flight providing a complete, synchronized reconstruction during post-flight debrief
  • Immerses the air warrior within a truly demanding training experience, in a safe environment
  • Installed and operational with leading air force, fighter combat aircraft


  • Ensures helicopter pilots and commanders attain the most comprehensive training
  • Provides extensive sensor simulation including Electronic Warfare suite, Electro-Optic and Thermal Imaging systems, RADAR, FLIR, ESM, C4I Systems, Active/Passive Sonar and CSAR
  • Provides wide-ranging weapon simulation including Air-to-Surface Missiles, Rockets, Torpedoes and Chaff/Flare interaction
  • Simulates legacy and new threat scenarios including laser, IR/EO guided threats and RF‑guided missiles
  • Integrated with real helicopter systems and sensors, or delivered as a standalone unit on‑board the helicopter
  • Installed and operational with International Customers