Jedeye™ - Ferranti Technologies
Ultimate Helmet Mounted Display


JEDEYE™ is the ultimate Helmet Mounted Display, ideal for Apache and advanced rotorcraft. JEDEYE™ enables pilots to take in the entire scene with wider than ever areas of ground and sky displayed in crystal clear, high resolution focus.

Improved Situational Awareness

  • High resolution image combined with wide FOV increases mission and flight awareness
  • Wider view improves recognition of flight obstacles
  • Near normal FOV with sharp image scenery eliminates “Tunnel Effect” vertigo and other visual illusions
  • Improved head tracker accuracy minimises spatial disorientation

Enhanced Combat Effectiveness

  • Better target recognition
  • Reduced time between sensor-to-shooter
  • Greater weapon accuracy due to improved head tracker precision
  • External real-time video data-link display
  • Sensor display overlaid on the real world position (space stabilised) – picture in picture
  • Enables flexible formation flight position

Advanced Sensor Fusion

  • Full cockpit view with no obscuration
  • Real-time sensor fusion of a/c EOP video, 3D synthetic vision system, radar video, head-down displays etc
  • Virtual cockpit/head down display
  • Supports “all weather helicopter” concept – virtual world