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3D Conformal Symbology

Low Visibility Landing

Operating helicopters in remote, unfamiliar, dusty areas is a hazard that crews routinely face on Operations today.

Landing, taking off and manouvering safely in degraded visual environments such as dust clouds (Brownout) and re-circulating snow (Whiteout) continues to be the cause of accidents, injuries and loss of aircraft for armed forces around the world.

Ferranti Technologies have developed a unique system combining aircraft sensors and an intuitive 3D Conformal Symbology that greatly enhances situational awareness when brownout and whiteout conditions are encountered. 3D CS is an intuitive display, linked to highly accurate sensors that enable the aircrew to safely handle the aircraft in close proximity to the ground in extreme degraded visual conditions.

3D CS has been proven in flight and simulation and is delivered using the standard DNVG-24T head up displays that are in-service worldwide, allowing the pilot to remain “heads out” at all times.

3D CS has been developed by operational pilots that understand the challenges of operating in harsh environments.