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ORD Family of Avionic Displays

Military Avionic Displays

Decades of experience in the military and commercial avionics markets have led us to the development of leading-edge technology in airborne displays.

We offer a wide range of multifunction colour displays for air, land, and sea platform applications. We offer a range of cutting edge smart displays in the ORD 900 Family of Airborne Displays.

Our displays are designed to operate reliably in harsh military environments. They deliver very high brightness to enable viewing in direct sunlight, whilst also allowing extreme dimming for night operation. Our displays also have full NVG compatibility, extreme wide viewing angles, low power consumption and high resolution. We have a solution for all airborne display requirements, contact us for further information.

Product Characteristics

  • High image quality, compact, lightweight, rugged, low power & fully qualified
  • Many types (up to HD) and sizes available (up to Large Area)
  • Dumb/Smart/Dual Smart (dual redundancy
  • Modular
  • Easy to use and responsive – field proven
  • Sunlight readable (800cd/m2)
  • RTOS and windows compatible
  • Gradual degradation
  • NVG compatible
  • DO254/DO178 compliant

Most importantly, our solutions are field proven and are fully supported by our manufacturing facility in the North West of England, offering production and maintenance services through-out the lifetime of the product.