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Resource UAS showcases Generic UAS Mission Simulator

Today, Resource UAS (RUAS) has taken delivery of a bespoke High Fidelity UAS Mission Simulator which is the first such facility to be established in the UK. This agile and innovative simulator will enable RUAS to offer a unique foundation training experience.

Located at the Resource Training facility in Cwmbran, South Wales, the simulator is platform agnostic and is able to simulate a generic Class 2 platform and both Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing Class 1 platforms. The system can also be used to train EO/IR Payload operators working in manned platforms – both rotary and fixed wing.

Ferranti Technologies has developed the simulator specifically to meet the requirements of Resource UAS to provide a capability to train UAS Remote Pilots and EO/IR Payload Operators in the fundamental skills of operating these platforms.

The system has been designed to include customizable scenarios which cover a range of terrains and environments from urban to coastal and includes a comprehensive range of interactive entities from both military and civilian environments.

For more information please visit the Resource Group Website 
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