Redesign & Upgrade - Ferranti Technologies

Redesign & Upgrade

When the UK Ministry of Defence identified an Urgent Operational Requirement to extend the life and upgrade the performance of the AFV 430 series of Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Ferranti Technologies became part of the team that delivered the highly successful Bulldog upgrade.

Ferranti Technologies was commissioned, as part of the BAE Systems Bulldog programme, to carry out the redesign, qualification and manufacture of the Engine and Transmission Management System for the AFV 430 Bulldog.

This programme saw the upgrade of 900 vehicles and has recently been concluded with all deliverables and milestones achieved on schedule.

The programme was designed to replace obsolete and legislatively non compliant systems and improve reliability and performance whilst significantly reducing whole life costs.

Ferranti Technologies’ pedigree in the design and qualification of Power and Control systems for the Defence and Aerospace markets made them a natural choice for this high-priority programme.

During the upgrade of AFV 430, FTL helped to ensure that the newly designed units were not only compatible with existing systems but that they also incorporated the latest technology.

Within the newly designed Engine Control unit, FTL were able to include functionality that had previously been housed in separate units including the speed limiter and the automatic transmission control.

The improvements to this platform gave the AFV430 Bulldog the ability to undertake operational roles that had previously been limited to much more modern vehicles such as the Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle.