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Ferranti Technologies Expands Helicopter Business

Ferranti Technologies announced today that it has been awarded a one year contract, with additional option years, to provide a helicopter service to UK forces in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Steve Warren, Managing Director, commented that “we are extremely proud to have won this opportunity to provide essential support to our troops deployed forward in Afghanistan”.  Ferranti Technologies will ferry non-combat freight to troops in forward operating and patrol bases, allowing UK military helicopters to focus on operational and combat support flights.

The award of this contract continues Ferranti Technologies’ expansion of its helicopter business. Ferranti Technologies already supplies the head mounted displays that are fitted to most UK combat helicopters and has leveraged this technology to develop a world leading Low Visibility Landing (LVL) system.  This LVL system uses novel 3D conformal symbology to provide aircrew with the visual cues needed to land a helicopter safely when the external visual environment is degraded.

Ferranti Technologies reports that is has already deployed helicopters; aircrew and ground support to Afghanistan and, in the first month of operation, has delivered over 300 metric tonnes of freight.

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