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Ferranti Technologies has their ‘Eyes on Target’

At the end of last year, Ferranti Technologies were delighted to have been chosen by Resource Group to provide a generic Unmanned Air System Vehicle Operator (VO) and Sensor Operator (SO) Synthetic Training Environment (STE) for their training facility in Cwmbran, South Wales.

Resource Group delivers foundation training for VOs and SOs through a combination of web and classroom based ground school and practical training using a combination of live flying and through the use of our simulation equipment.

At the end of June, we partnered with Resource Group & 3SDL to deliver a two day promotional and educational event in their facility in the Cotswolds.

The event, named ‘Eyes on Target’ was designed to showcase technology and training that is available now for a broad range of applications.

As well as specific briefings on ISR skills issues, there were live scenarios enacted using manned and unmanned platforms and we also offered the chance to experience some of our equipment first hand.

To find out more information about our next years event; contact us.

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