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Helmet Mounted Displays

Ferranti Technologies supplies advanced Helmet Mounted Systems (HMS) for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. We have solutions for combat, transport and training aircraft and for both the military and commercial markets.

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Helmet Mounted Displays

It takes vital seconds for the human brain/eye to change focus and interpret information, causing a momentary loss of situational awareness during high workload situations. Displaying critical flight information directly to the eye, allows aircrew to adopt a ‘heads-out’ concept, thereby helping to reduce pilots’ workload, improve crew teamwork and coordination & enhance situational awareness.

Ferranti Technologies supplies advanced Helmet Mounted Display systems for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Our advanced HMD systems can incorporate a world leading head tracking capability giving the added advantages of 3D Conformal Symbology, target designation, weapon and sensor slaving and the processing and displaying of tactical information both day and night.

Our HMD systems are designed with open architecture using a standard core processor which provides the customer with end-product flexibility from utility, to attack or a multi-use role.

Using our standard interface also enables upgrade opportunities with no need to modify the aircraft installment thus providing a cost effective, yet ultra high performance vision system.

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