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Avionic Applications

Ferranti Technologies supply high performance, cost effective avionic systems which improve mission performance and safety. Our solutions are suitable for both fixed & rotary wing aircraft and are in use worldwide.

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  • Digital Maps
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Mission Planning
  • Sensors

Digital Maps

Our Digital Map Solutions offer operators a new way of looking at the world while increasing flight safety and reducing pilot workload.

Ferranti Technologies’ Digital Map Solutions range from independent stand alone systems to fully integrated avionics.

All navigational and mission data, military or non-military, are presented in a clear,…

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Synthetic Vision System

Providing improved situational awareness of aircrew operating by day or night and in all visibility conditions.

SVS uniquely blends:

  • Sensor data, such as video provided by our Brightnite multi-spectral FLIR-CMOS sensor
  • Terrain and cultural feature taken from pre-loaded databases
  • On-board mission management information, such as routes, waypoints, areas…

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Mission Planning

Our advanced C4I and Mission Management System provides helicopter pilots with data communications and transmissions; accurate, real-time tactical pictures; enhanced situational awareness and optimal mission management in a friendly and accessible interface.

Develop the mission on our Mission Planning station and load all necessary data onboard the aircraft using a…

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Ferranti Technologies can provide a range of Electro-Optical (EO) sensors for installation on fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. These include:

Brightnite, which utilise uncooled forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras and an ultra-wide panoramic Field of View (FOV), to provide a video image to pilot’s Head Mounted Display system or to a…

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