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Ferranti Technologies boasts an electronic engineering design team possessing a wealth of experience in the development of numerous complex, high reliability, safety and mission critical electronic systems for aerospace, military and naval applications.

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  • Team
  • Systems Engineering
  • Requirements Management
  • Hardware Circuit Design
  • Software Development
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Project Management
  • Safety Critical Design Standards

Our Team

Our team of professionally qualified engineers are able to offer specialist technical expertise in a wide range of disciplines which enables Ferranti Technologies to rapidly facilitate the most demanding of customer requirements.

Comprised of a multi-disciplined team of dedicated specialist Engineers and flexible development Engineers, Ferranti has an established network…

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Systems Engineering

Ferranti Technologies operates a Systems Engineering approach to product development by first understanding customer requirements and then proceeding with matching and validating possible outcomes with them.

Working towards developing a holistic view of the product, helping to mould contributions from a wider team of stakeholders including engineering, logistics, project…

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Requirements Management, in short, means knowing what the customer really wants and making it happen.

Often, different organisations have contrasting ideas and ways of approaching, solving and implementing various systems. An important part of the role Ferranti Technologies plays is to ensure all parties are moving in the right direction.


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Hardware Circuit Design

Within the engineering team at Ferranti Technologies we have a vast amount of experience in designing Electronic Hardware. This design capability includes but is not limited to the following areas of expertise;

Analogue Circuit Design

  • Power Electronics/Power Amplifiers
  • ‘Simple’ Control and Monitor functionality
  • EMI filters and protection

Digital Circuit…

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Software Development

Ferranti Technologies’ modular software design philosophy of re-useable building blocks offers extensive tailoring and integration options incorporating tried-and-tested solutions and access to the latest cutting-edge processing and display technology within our systems.

To reduce time to market, development risk and overall Life Cycle Costs, software developed for Ferranti Technologies’…

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Integrated Logistics Support

Ferranti Technologies has a dedicated Customer Logistics Support team who play a part in developing an Integrated Logistics Support Plan for our customers at the early stages of product development.

Its aim is to take into account a variety of factors which together contribute to the length…

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Project Management

Ferranti Technologies has developed a ‘Gated’ Project Management Process to ensure that all projects are managed consistently, on time, to budget and against predefined quality measures.

As part of the Gated Process, Key Performance Indicators are identified and are used to ensure that project objectives are communicated to the…

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Safety Critical Design Standards

As a supplier into the Aerospace & Defence industry, Ferranti Technologies recognises that our products are being used in safety critical, arduous environments, where product quality and reliability is of paramount importance.  As such the company works within the following design standards:

Systems – Def Stan 00-56

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