Supply Chain Management - Ferranti Technologies

Supply Chain Management

The aim of our Procurement Team here at Ferranti Technologies, is to build lasting and long term relationships with an optimum number of suppliers, based upon a total cost approach in line with the overall company strategy.

Ferranti Technologies’ supply chain management techniques include the following tools and initiatives:

Strategic Partnerships
Promoting the introduction of strategic partnerships and long-term agreements enables Ferranti Technologies to deliver a total cost approach.

Pricing Benchmarks
Where possible, Ferranti Technologies endeadvours to utilise industry pricing benchmarks, ensuring the most competitive total acquisition cost for the business.

Supplier Performance Measures
Suppliers to Ferranti Technologies are measured using the ‘Supplier Scorecard’ system which focuses on On Time In Full Delivery (OTIF), returns, arrears and Non Conformance Reviews.

Inventory Control

The storage and traceability of all our components is paramount in meeting the needs of our customers.

To facilitate this, Ferranti Technologies has invested in a number of Carousel Storage units for storing high volume electronic components, providing an efficient and secure method of stock control.

In addition, Ferranti Technologies has introduced a Bar Coding system as an integral part of the stock control process. This investment has not only improved efficiency and traceability but has also resulted in stores accuracy of greater than 99% by component count.

By monitoring our suppliers & inventory, Ferranti Technologies are able to drive performance & customer satisfaction levels even higher.