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Markets Served

Markets Served

Ferranti Technologies products are designed for use in a variety of high reliability applications and the company categorises them into the following business units:

Power & Control

The Power & Control business unit serves to provide bespoke engineered products for the military & commercial aerospace, land & naval defence markets and other industrial markets which require safety critical products used in arduous environments.  Specialists in the design, electronic engineering & manufacturing of power conversion and supply units, our team of engineers are highly skilled in converting specific customer requirements into fully qualified operational units.

Avionic & Mission Systems

The Avionic & Mission Systems business unit predominantly serves the military & commercial aerospace, land & naval defence markets providing mission critical products designed to enhance mission efficiency, safety and situational awareness.  With a wide range of products in the portfolio, the team can provide an off the shelf solution, or modify and develop a new solution to suit your specific needs.  Great emphasis is placed on Research & Development of our products and our R&D teams are made up of ex-military personnel with first hand experience of the demands placed upon our customers. This presents a significant advantage and ensures that our solutions are the most advanced and technically compliant available on the market.

Manufacturing & Support Services

Our Manufacturing & Support Services business unit supports both the Power & Control and Avionic & Mission Systems business units in providing in house electronic manufacturing capabilities, which means that Ferranti Technologies can offer a one-stop-shop approach to product development for customers.  In addition, the M&SS team do a lot of work with 3rd party OEMs, as a contract electronic manufacturer. Our added value in this area is our ability to help customers reduce the cost of manufacturing by developing smarter methods through over 40 years of experience. Focusing primarily on high reliability products which require complex manufacturing, our Manufacturing team utilise modern electronic manufacturing techniques to provide consistently reliable electronic products.